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Seed Depot Corp. is a Manitoba seed company dedicated to the introduction and distribution of seed varieties that are best suited to the needs of farmers and their customers. Seed Depot is committed to only introducing varieties which show exceptional agronomics for farmers and at the same time exceptional quality for their customers. . .bankable performance every year! Founded by the late John Smith these ideas and values are the core of our business model.

Why Certified Seed?

I used to grow crops from our own bin run seed prior to a friend of mine encouraging me to start growing seed for him.
Was I surprised, when I started planting higher pedigreed seed…my yields went up! Significantly.
I didn’t expect that! Yet whenever you or I talk to seed growers they will always tell you the same thing. Their high pedigreed Breeder plots always yield significantly higher… the foundation and registered will out yield the certified…and certified will out yield the common. I know this is true most of the time though I’m not sure why.

On our farm we’ve come to the simple conclusion “The higher the Pedigreed, the higher the yield”

Whether you choose our variety or the competitions varieties – for your best returns year after year use certified seed. It pays.

John M. Smith



We are excited to introduce Bolles, a new high protein CWRS wheat into the Canadian marketplace.

Faller Wheat

Faller is a high yielding US dark northern spring wheat variety that we are looking forward to getting registered in Canada.

AC® Cardale Wheat

I am very pleased to tell you about our new “Cardale” wheat. (Tested BW 429) Cardale is a CWRS line bred by Stephen Fox at the Cereal Research Centre in Winnipeg and released to us by AAFC this spring.


CONLON barley has come to be trusted to provide you and I with consistent top yields, best plumpness and bushel weights and the earliest harvest every year!

AAC Gateway

We are very pleased to tell you about our new AAC GATEWAY winter wheat (Tested BW 478). AAC Gateway is a CWRW line bred by Dr. Robert J. Graf at the Lethbridge Research Centre.

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