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What you and I have come to know about Souris:
Excellent Yield potential
Souris is the shortest oat on the market
Heaviest test weight - with smaller seed
Earliest - 3-4 days earlier than Furlong, Summit
Accepted by most North American Oat Millers. . .
Reccomended by Quaker
Souris has higher soluble fibre, and less oil content that the average oat. This makes it vary attractive to oat mills.
We have found on our farm that Souris provides us with an early short strawed variety that yields with the best and always has the highest test weights.

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Yield Manitoba 2011 data: This is the “Real Farm Yield” results for all oat varieties grown by Manitoba Farmers. This was a very difficult year for all varieties, but Souris came through.

*07/15/2008 PBR (Plant Breeders Rights) comparison plots

Check Out Yield MB Data
Percent of acres in Manitoba in 2011.
2011 was difficult year for farmers. Expect yields twice this in Manitoba