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Very High Yield potential
-20% higher yield than Brandon in
Seed MB 2016
One day later than Glenn
Medium Straw Strength
Good Disease Package
-MR for Leaf Rust
-R/MR for Stem Rust
-I for Bunt
-I for FHB Resistance
-S for Stripe Rust
Protein 1.5% lower than Glenn on Average
Faller Wheat

Faller is a high yielding US dark northern spring wheat variety that we are looking forward to getting registered in Canada. Though Faller is one of the highest yielding wheats in North Dakota, it is 1.5% lower in protein than Glenn. Faller does not have high enough protein to be registered as a CWRS wheat in Canada but may be included through changes to the Canadian class system. Agronomically and for milling purposes Faller performs much like our current HRS wheat varieties. 

Faller was recently registered (April 2nd,2015) and put into an interim wheat class. There are stronger committment forms in place with Faller that enable all farmers to clean their seed through Faller seed that was purchased legitimately.

We are doing a limited launch in Spring 2015 and will do a wide launch in the fall of 2015/spring of 2016

*Please note that the lower protein in this variety on some years will negate the advantage of higher yields. When protein premiums are high, it may be to your advantage to grow traditional CWRS varieties.
Real MB Yields 2012
(Yield MB 2013 Data)