SEED DEPOT Faller Dealers in Manitoba.
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Company Town Phone #
Bergen Seed Farm Sanford 736-2278
Boissevain Select Seeds LTD. Boissevain 534-6846
Clearview Acres LTD. Virden 748-2666
Court Seeds Plumas 386-2354
Darcey Miller Oakville 267-2363
Dauphin Plains Seeds Dauphin 638-7800
Derrick Beischer Inglis 564-2117
Durand Seeds Inc. Notre Dame 248-2268
Ellis Seeds Wawanesa 844-2290
Ens Quality Seed Winkler 325-4658
Fisher Seeds Dauphin 622-8800
Friesen Seeds Ltd. Morris 746-8325
Gerrard Family Seeds Elphinstone 365-0321
Hulme Agri Products Macgregor 685-2627
JS Henry and Sons Oakville 566-2422
Janzen Seeds Plum Coulee 829-7749
Jeffries Seeds Glenboro 827-2102
L&L Farms Altona 324-5798
MB Seeds Lowe Farm 746-4652
Nickel Bros Solsgirth 773-6734

Pitura Seeds

Domain 736-2849
R-Way Ag St. Claude 1-866-398-9643
Red River Seeds Morris 746-4779
Redsper Rivers 328-5346
RJP Seeds Carman 745-3304
Rutherford Farms Grosse Isle 467-5613
Sask-Can Parent St. Joseph 737-3004
Seine River Seeds Ste. Anne 355-4495
Smith Family Seeds Pilot Mound 825-7810
Triple S Seeds Grandview 546-2590
Unger Seed Farm Stonewall 467-8630
Wheat City Seeds Brandon 727-3337
Wilson Seeds LTD Darlingford 246-2388
Zeghers Seed Farm Holland 526-2145