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What you and I have come to know about feeding CONLON:

Researchers have tested hundreds of barley varieties for “Energy Content”. Guess what-CONLON was found to have 2-7% higher energy than any other barley varieties available in western Canada.

We all have known for years that hogs grow faster when fed big plump high test weight barley, now we know why! Every time those hogs eat like pigs and load up with higher energy barley, they put on more weight faster!
Performance in the Hog Barn:
Hogs typically go to market 3-4 days earlier when fed CONLON.
Many Hog managers have told me CONLON results in significantly less manure per hog
CONLON comes through with lowest fusarium, year after year. With a timely fungicide application, CONLON will be suitable to feed your hogs every year!
Performance for Cattle Producers
CONLON barley is easily the nicest barley to roll.
The consistent big plump barley means virtually no kernels remain intact after the rolling process.
For those of us feeding straw or making silage – CONLON is the only smooth awned barley in western Canada!
Cattle enjoy the taste of CONLON straw & often will leave good hay to eat it.
I honestly believe if you are feeding the barley you grow on your farm CONLON is the best because you benefit from the higher energy. When it comes to energy yield per acre and great agronomics-nothing beats CONLON!
-John M. Smith
The NEW shortest road to market is down the CONLON road!