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1. Best area of adaptation for the variety:

Northern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba:
Growers in the Northern prairies have told me Souris has a light sensitivity trait that makes it significantly shorter than other varieties. Also, the earlier maturity is advantageous where the growing season is shorter. Earlier maturity, less straw, still great yields! The earlier maturity and short stature is good for Manitoba-but having crown rust protection as well makes it an excellent fit for Manitoba Growers.

2. Fertilizer recommendation:
We put similar amounts of phosphate and potash on our oats as we use on other cereal crops. Nitrogen is a bit trickier. As a rule of thumb I would suggest 35 pounds less than what you would use for a wheat crop. Land such as old pasture fields and high organic matter areas may require very little nitrogen.

3. Planting recommendations - optimal times and rates:

We strongly recommend planting oats as early as possible. I would sow 2.5 bushels if able to sow the first couple weeks of May and go up to 3 bushels per acre if planting the first week of June (to help speed maturity). This is based on a seed weight of 37g/1000kernels.

4. Fungicide/no fungicide recommendation

On an early year we would consider a fungicide application – however many of our dealers suggest they have seen only small yield increases in their side by side testing of the Souris variety. When the season is late fungicides tend to keep the straw green and delay maturity. Some oat millers have noticed a decrease in the amount of soluble fibre in oats given a fungicide application.

5. Harvesting recommendation - swath or straight cut.

This is very much up to personal preference. We prefer to swath-trying to time things so the swath will not get rained on. Easier said than done.

-Most farmers who straight cut rely on a roundup burn down some oat mills don’t accept oats sprayed with roundup.
-Souris Oats stand well - if a strong wind develops when they are dead ripe losses may occur.
-We find straw management easier when oats are swathed.
Tips on growing Souris!