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Your compliance to Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) enables breeding institutions and individuals like us to continue to bring you the varieties you will need to be able to continue farming competitively in the future.

I ask that you would respect PBR on our varieties and our competitors' varieties as well. As a result you and our entire farm community will benefit.
-John M. Smith
Seed Depot Committment Form (Word)

Seed Depot Committment Form (PDF)
Below are links to the Seed Depot Committment Form.
To acknowledge the hard work breeding institutions have put into the variety you have just purchased.
To be reminded that the variety is for your own use, not to be sold to your neighbours as seed.
To understand that itís OK to clean up following yearís crop for your own seed needs.
To enable us to better protect the breeding institution that has bred this variety.
Why I ask you to sign a commitment form:
Pedigreed Transfer Form (Word)

Pedigreed Transfer Form (PDF)
Prosper Committment Form (PDF)