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Our Experience with Cardale Wheat...
Seeding Date: May 14
Seeding Rate: 30 lbs/acre
Fungicides: On the flag and flowering
Swathing date: Sept. 6
Harvest date: Sept. 10
Plot details
There are currently is no official “Shattering” check for wheat in registration coops.

We have been performing our "unofficial" shatter test for the last three years. We've had good results thus far.

This Cardale was left standing for approximately 50 days after field was harvested. We were concerned that pre-harvest round up might have an effect on shattering. In 2013 our test was also sprayed with round up right after the rest of field was harvested. You can see the consistent good results here in this picture.

CARDALE Plot Results               

Yield- 78 bus./acre
Protein- 15.5
Fus.- Negligible, #1 Red
Comparable Wheat Results Our Farm

Yield- 64.8 bus./acre
Protein- 14.8
Fus.- Negligible, #1 Red
Certified Seed is available for the first time this season. Please refer to our dealer listings to locate Certified Cardale near you.

I look forward to sharing more performance results with you as they become available.

May you have a safe and successful year!

John M. Smith
Seed Depot Corp.
   Since breeder seed introduction in 2011 Cardale for
   three years has performed as good or better than other
   hard wheats on seed growers farms. We believe
  Cardale will perform equally as well on your farm.