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We are excited to introduce Bolles, a new high protein CWRS wheat into the Canadian marketplace. Ideally suited for the milling spring wheat growing areas of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. With short straw, strong yields, high falling numbers and protein, this could be a fit for your farm.

Introducing Bolles CWRS Wheat
Consistent Protein and Yield
-0.8% higher protein than Carberry
-105% yield of Carberry over 3 yrs
-109% of Carberry in Zone 2 (Saskatoon, Dauphin)
Good disease package - MR all rusts
Semi-dwarf - Good Lodging
FHB Resistance…solid I
1 -2 days later than Carberry
High falling numbers
Shows some salinity tolerance
Barley in high saline soils
Bolles CWRS in high saline soils
Competitor in high saline soils
Our Experience:
We have 2 years experience of growing Bolles on our farm in South Central Manitoba. So far its been yielding similar to our other CWRS wheats with a protein bump of .5-2%. This last year we grew it on our most saline piece of ground, some zones salinity levels average at 5.86mm/hos/cm. Even in those zones our plant stand population hit 20+ plants per square foot and in zones with 1.9mm/hos/cm averaged 31.2 plants per square foot.
"Bolles was our highest yielding wheat and highest protein in 2019" -Ken Heaman, Virden MB

"As a pedigreed Seed grower I am always looking for something new and improved. In our area we have decent yields but struggle with protein so I took a chance on Bolles. The last two years it has been a top yielder with protein I have been missing out on. It is our preferred variety for our commercial wheat acres now. That fact it is also short, easy to combine and has a good disease package is a bonus." -Gord Nickel, Solsgirth, MB
We feel Bolles may have a fit on your farm, if you're looking for a higher protein Semi Dwarf wheat this may be the variety for you! Give one of our dealers a call and ask them how Bolles did on their farm in 2019.
                                                       -Walter Smith, CEO Seed Depot